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1948 years ago in AD 63 an earthquake in southern Italy by the gulf of Naples seriously damaged the ancient city of Pompeii causing an undetermined number of deaths and spread out destruction, but the locals went to work rebuilding in the same spot until they were buried by the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano 16 years later in AD 79.

Galveston TX Hurricanes

Average Brushed or hit every 2.94 years
Average Direct hit every 8.63 years

The Great Storm of 1900 - Sep 8th 1900 - Pop: 42,000 residents
Category 4 @ 135 mph -Great loss of life between 6,000 and 12,000 individuals – officially 8,000

The 1915 Storm, August 17th, Category 4 @ 135 mph
42    people dead in the Galveston area
$60 - 1915 million dollars in damage

Ike Sep 13th 2008 - The third most destructive hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States
Final landfall in Galveston Texas as a strong cat 2 with cat 5 equivalent storm surge winds extended 120 miles from the center.

Blamed for at least 195 deaths – 74 in Haiti and 112 in the USA 300 still missing. - Damages estimated at 24 billion (2008) US Dollars

Resulted in the largest evacuation in the state of Texas history and the largest search and rescue operation in US history

Nuclear Issues

Chernobyl, An Experiment Gone Wrong

On Saturday, April 26th, 1986 at 1:23 am, one of the reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded.
Ironically, the experiment consisted in testing how the power plant would respond in the event of an accident. The operators at the plant wanted to bring down the power output of the reactor to 25%, but over-confidence, poor training and poor knowledge of how a reactor works caused them to overdo it, and they ended up bringing down the power output to 1%. When they then tried to bring it up to 25%, the reactor overheated and exploded causing the worst nuclear accident in history.

Five U.S. nuclear reactors in earthquake zones

Status of the Nuclear Reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant

How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown

Hazards of Storing Spent Fuel

Timeline: Nuclear Plant Accidents

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

In graphics: Fukushima nuclear alert

Fukushima victims: homeless, desperate & angry

Japan Panel: Fukushima nuclear disaster "man-made"

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Emergency Management: Survival Insights and DHS Partner for NPM
Posted on Saturday, September 01 @ 10:17:52 PDT by admin

Survival Insights is proud to support and participate with the US Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) on-going Ready Campaign and National Preparedness Month (NPM)

Natural disasters have become all too common in recent years and their frequency, fury and destructiveness continues to escalate. Communities are waking up to new scenarios and levels of destruction never seen before.

With education, awareness, preparedness and working together we can help minimize the risk, prevent destruction and protect lives.

The NPM goal is to encourage individuals, businesses and communities to take action to increase their level of awareness and basic preparedness for crisis and emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorism threats.

The NPM is an opportunity for cooperation between government, communities, the private sector and individuals to work together, learn what resources are available now and to begin planning and implementing programs to safeguard and protect lives and property in any emergency situation.

For the first time, National Preparedness Month is focusing on different areas of emergency preparedness as follows:

September 1-8: Back-to-School (Ready Kids)
September 9-15: Business preparedness(Ready Business)
September 16-22: Multicultural preparedness(Listo)
September 23-30: Home and family preparedness, including pets,
older Americans and individuals with disabilities and special needs (Ready America)

Learn what is going on during National Preparedness Month. Read the Calendar of NPM Events in your state Click Here

Additional Ready resources can be found at:

Survival Insights is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and trust between government, businesses and communities, encouraging individual confidence and contributing to the continuing building of relationships with all public and private sectors.

Survival Insights provides resources, tools and specific information, encouraging individuals, families, businesses and communities to act now, learn and promote preparedness, and help the development of emergency programs in their businesses and communities, to reduce the risk and protect lives.

You can find more information and specific business and individual preparedness topics online Click Here

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