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Date: Monday, August 25 @ 10:42:49 PDT

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Report: Google May Face $500m Fine
    Over Rogue Pharma Ads -

Japan Long Road Ahead
    more than a decade of clean-up at Fukushima

US Preps for Nuclear Disaster Drills
    Scientists Reassure About Quake Zone Facilities

More radioactive water spills at Japan nuke plant
    New pools of radioactive water

U.S. most vulnerable reactor: Indian Point 3, N.Y.
    What are the odds of a nuclear emergency?

Vulnerability and Uncertainty Prevail in Wake of Nuclear Disaster
    Fear and anger at growing vulnerability-

Japan braces for potential radiation catastrophe
    Effort to prevent the leak from spreading- Reutersm

Huge Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan?
    Quake of 8.9 magnitude struck off the coast -

Are your phones really secured?
    New technologies enabled malicious eavesdropping -

Icy Roads Wreak Havoc in Deep South
    Where the storm is heading? -

Ten dead as H1N1 flu returns to Britain
    A rise in the number of cases seen. - Yahoo News

Hackers hit Credit Card Giants
    The websites of Mastercard and Visa disrupted. - BBC News

In support of Wikileaks
    Hackers strike at MasterCard - Associated Press

Seismic Fault Found
     New seismic fault in the Rockies- Yahoo News

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
     Worst-case scenario now appears likely -

Chile Earthquake Moved Entire City 10 Feet West
     Colliding tectonic plates are responsible. - AOL.News

Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists
    complex ecosystems and fragile food chains could be
    disrupted. -

Why Chile's devastation is less than Haiti's
    Chile was ready for quake, Haiti wasn't -

What is Wrong With Us?
    Deteriorated National Infrastructure threatening nation's
    economic viability - Bob Herbert -

Problems with Haiti buikding standards outlined
    A Study by the OAS concluded-

U.S. calls for more stringent aviation security
    Threats from al-Qaida cited -

Fierce Quake Devastates Haitian Capital
    the worst in the region in more than 200 years -

Haiti Desperate for Aid in Quake Aftermath
    Thousands are trapped, missing or feared dead - Sphere

CDC: H1N1 still circulating; vaccine plentiful
    We want to avoid complacency" - CNNHealth

Blackberry users beset by second outage in a week
    disrupted service in two continents- Yahoo News

Crooks Hijack Facebook Accounts
    Now they attack your dignity - NYTimes

Louisianans watches native land sinking into sea
    A football field worth lost to erosion every half hour - ABC.News

Court: Army Corps of Engineers liable for Katrina flooding
    Precedent will apply to 100,000 homes and businesses-

Majority of adult Americans don't want H1N1 shot
    Many believe the vaccine has dangerous side effects - CNN.Health

H1N1 death toll estimated at 3,900 in U.S.
    About 450 children ara among the flu deaths; - CNN.Health

Obama declares H1N1 emergency 
    National emergency due to "rapid increase in illness" -
Cybercrime: A secret underground economy
    Making a killing off of stolen identities -
Computers to Get Faster Only for 75 More Years
    Physicists Determine Nature's Limit For Speed - ABC News
20 Years After Bay Area Quake
    Are We Better Prepared? 

Dozens dead as tsunami slams into Samoan islands
    Huge emergency effort under way-

That sinking feeling
    World's deltas subsiding, says study - Yahoo News

President Obama on H1N1 Preparedness -(video)
    Briefing on Preparedness and Response - White House

Swine flu Fears as NYC Goes Back to School
    1 Million + going back to school - CBS-News/AP

UN Warns over swine flu in birds
    A concern about the spread of the virus - BBC News

Time to be Afraid of the Web
    About 330,000 Web sites listed as malicious - NYTimes

Wildfires in Greek Capital, Athens
    Thousands flee - Ancient Temples Threatened - AOL News

3 Indicted in Theft of 130 million Card Numbers
    The Largest Case of Computer and Identity Theft - NYTimes

US Man stole 130m card numbers
    The Biggest Case of Identity Theft in American History- BBC News

Twitter DOS Attack Politically Motivated Says Report
    Facebook, LiveJournal and other Google Sites Targetted- PC World

Twitter Crippled by Denial-of-Service Attack
    Left inaccessible for several hours- PC World

An A1 Lock & Key Business gets Hacked
    Network Solutions Loses nearly 600k Credit Card Numbers - SWITCHED

WHO: Swine flu pandemic declared
    1st in 41 years as infections climbed - Yahoo News

Deadly quake strikes Central America coast - msnbc
All Disasters are Local -
"Pandemic" means pay attention, not panic -
WHO raises pandemic alert to second-highest level -
CDC Responds to Swine Flu Outbreak Among Humans
5000 evacuated after hazardous acid spill in PA
What is the Conficker Virus and should you be worried?
    The Super Virus creating panic -
Storms damage homes, down power lines in Oklahoma
    About 10,000 without power - Yahoo-News

 Parking ticket leads to a virus
    Hackers luring users to fraudulent sites - BBC-News

 FEMA: Recalled peanut butter in emergency meals
    Kentucky stopped distributing meals for victims - Yahoo-News

 Hackers net 9 million in one day ATM scam
    FBI investigates ATM Scam - MYFOXNY.COM

 Cybercrime threat rising sharply
    Online theft costs $1 trillion a year - BBC-News

 Quarter-million still without power in icy Kentucky
    Storm blamed for at least 16 deaths -

 BC Standards, certification get legal push
    BCM tends to play second fiddle to DR - CIO Midmarket

 Winter blast blamed for damage, deaths
    Massive storm leaves a path of destruction -

 Apple's 8-hour battery
    A giant leap for batteries -

 Why Disasters are Getting Worse
    Flood, Storm disasters up 7.4% every year -

 Natural disasters 'killed over 220,000' in 2008
    One of the most devastating years on record - Yahoo News

 U.S. not ready for cyber attack (Reuters)
    Results of recent exercise shows

 Top 10 Security Breaches of 2008
    From TJX to the Bank of NY Mellon - Bank Info Sec

 5 year forecast made for terror threats
    Homeland Security Secretary predicts-

 Computer failure closes Toronto Exchange
    Exchange to Reopen Thursday- NYTimes

 Serious security flaw found in Internet Explorer
    Experts urge IE users to switch - BBC-News

 Thieves are winning the Online War
    Nobody seems to know quite how to fix it - NYTimes

 Investment fund slams US regulators
    "Systemic failure" of regulators in the US - Yahoo News

 Storm leaves at least 1 million without power
    Four states affected, two declare emergency -

 10,000 People Ordered to Evacuate
    Wild Fire Threaten Power in Los Angeles-

 Warning, Financial Crisis
    A goldmine for online criminals -

 Brown Cloud covering parts of Ondia, China
    New Threat to Global Environment -

 Climate for Change
    The Alliance for Climate Protection - NYTimes

 Study: Nearly Half Of States Fail On
    Emergency Plan Communication - CPM

 Weather service warns of 'certain death' in face of Ike - CNN
 8 million victims in the world's biggest cyber heist - Sunday Herald
 Memorable 2008 Severe Weather Season - The Weather Channel
 Hackers steal 40 Million Credit Card Numbers - CNN
 Repairing U.S. bridges would cost $140 billion
    Report - CNN

 Global Warming is the Cause of this Year's Extreme Weather
    True or False? - Newsweek

 Entire town of Big Sur, Calf., evacuated for fire - AP
 FEMA Uder Fire for Aid Distribution - CNNPolitics.Com
 TJX faces Data Audits for 20 Years Under FTC settlement 
    - Information Security Magazine

 Forecasters Predict Busy Hurricane Season - AOL News
 US Tsunami Warning System Deployed - NOAA
 Cyberthieves go phishing to rob banks -
 Adobe PDF exploit infects "many thousands"-
 CIA Says Hackers Have Cut Power Grid - PC World
 Hackers Rig Google to Deliver Malware - PC World
 Eight-day IT Outage Would Cripple Most Companies- Computerworld
 Defense, HHS Can't Pass Audits - MSNBC
 States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning - Washington Post
 State by State Deficient or Obsolete Bridges - MSNBC
 Steam Explosion jolts Manhattan- MSNBC
 Pirate attacks up sharply worldwide- MSNBC
 Cyber attack on Pentagone E-mail - BBC News
 New Orleans "still a flood risk" - BBC News
 Minnesota Credit Card Law Makes Merchants Liable for 
    Costs of Data Breach - D & W Publications

 Bird Flu Survivors' blood may hold key to cure - MSNBC - AP

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