Is you PCP in Sync with your BCP?
Date: Thursday, August 27 @ 08:06:44 PDT

Is your Personal Contingency Plan (PCP) in sync with your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

People are the missing component in implementing Recovery efforts during regional emergency situations.

A comprehensive Business Continuity or Emergency Management Plan defines all the responsibilities of team members, actions and activities expected to kick in into motion responding to adverse circumstances and situations and to work in unison from a known and tested script and/or methodology.

It assumes that the responsibilities for continuity of operations assigned to every team member will continue to be carried on in times of adversity and relies on people.

Observations made during recent regional disasters show reliance on first responders, management & employees to respond to disaster situations as planned but unable to do so, due to personal concerns and situations at home.

A resiliency gap exist when their planning and strategies fail to take into consideration people’s personal responsibilities at home or concern for the safety and security of their loved ones, which will take priority over their duty to the workplace, preventing them from being available for the employer’s recovery.

Testing of plans performed regularly ensures currency of the plan and training of team members, but does not take into consideration if in a regional disaster, team members will be available, giving a false evaluation of plan effectiveness or preparedness. In addition testing is done when concern for team’s family safety and security is not threatened.

If management and employees were prevented from helping to recover your businesses because they could not leave their family after an emergency or there was some doubt about their home or some other personal interest that created a conflict?

Are you comfortable with the fact that they may not be available to recover your business?

They would IF they knew that their family was safe and provided for.

This happens all the time in situations where employees are faced with tough decisions of what to do (due to fires, blackouts, flooding, pandemic, etc.)

While you have a disaster recovery plan in place at your business, do you and your employees have a disaster recovery plan in place at home that protect loved ones, dependent parents, and the like, even when you are not there to assist?

In partnership with reliable vendors Survival Insights offers tools that focus on planning and recovery solutions for businesses large and small as well as recovery solutions for families and individuals that complement traditional methods.

For Families and Individuals

The Personal Recovery Concepts (PRC) ‘Complete’ solution specializes in people continuity. Everyone needs to be prepared for disasters and be able to support their communities faster by securing their family, homes and property against unexpected losses.

The Complete Solution by PRC is focused on streamlining and simplifying the information needed for anyone to learn, prevent, prepare, and recover from unexpected emergencies, while promoting participation of all members of a household.

Providing management and employees with the means to protect their families and help them get organized is the first step to protect them while ensuring employees availability when they are needed most.

This PRC "Complete" solution makes incredible sense to implement and actually cost very little.

For Businesses

The Every Business Continuity Program (EBCP) is designed to help businesses prepare for, and recover from, any type of man-made or natural disaster. The EBCP has three main components: a PC-based disaster recovery planning software product, a directory of disaster recovery products and services and a training/consulting component to assist in the businesses’ planning efforts and identification of their own critical needs.

Disaster Planning Assistance

Beyond a focus on hurricane preparation, it is important to plan for ALL types of disaster scenarios and not just for hurricanes. If a business or an individual does indeed maintain a practice of planning for such events, and testing their plans, they will be better prepared when a disaster does occur.

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