Workplace Violence Prevention Tips
Date: Thursday, October 08 @ 10:43:37 PDT

OSHA clearly states that employers are expected to provide safe and secure workplaces devoid of any hazards that place employees at risk and must eliminate those hazards.

10 Situational TO DO TIPS

Here are some rudimentary Tips rooted in reality for your consideration in priority:
1. Do report all incidents to management and your organization.
2. Do document all reported incidents.
3. Do follow up on the reported incidents to insure corrective action is taken. Demand a reason why and a get-well plan.
4. Do verify that your organization has a workplace violence prevention program and that it addresses all aspects of worker safety and security.
5. Do ask if your organization has conducted a worksite specific security assessment that identifies potential at risk situations.
6. Do ask for Workplace Violence Prevention Awareness Training that addresses precautionary practices as well as identification of at risk factors and contributing situations and conditions.
7. Do place inconvenience in personal safety to avoid patterns of behavior.
8. Do not take your observations for granted; report your suspicions and your own victimization.
9. Do remove all potential weapons off your desk.
10. Do have an emergency notification or alert system in place in case of need.

These and many more tips that presented as part of an interactive series of case studies and scenarios are what should make up a solid situational workplace violence prevention program. If you are concerned with safety and security at all your employer locations take the proper step forward.

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