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Date: Saturday, February 06 @ 13:26:20 PST

Social Media Use Tied to Increase in Malware Infections
    playgrounds for attackers, spammers and others.-

Hosting provider InMotion hacked
    Thousands of sites affected.-

Security Expert: U.S. 'Leading Force' Behind Stuxnet
    cyber-superweapon might harm those who created it.-

Troubling Cracks Showing in Internet's Security Foundation
    inherent problems of the protocol -

Japan's defense industry hit by its first cyber attack
    some information could have been stolen -

Computer-based attacks emerge as threat of future
    more attacks that destroy entire systems -

Report warns U.S. unprepared for cyber attacks
    The businesses community has failed to understand that -

How Online Privacy Has Become an Oxymoron
    Americans have surrendered their privacy -

Microsoft online services hit by major failure
    Hotmail, Office 365, & Skydrive affected -

Wireless Phone Networks Stood Up Well to Hurricane
    despite widespread losses of power. -

Hackers Hijack Websites In Online Pharmacy Scam
    redirected to illicit online drug sellers -

Securing Mobile Devices?
    May Be an Impossible Task -

Revealed: Operation Shady Rat
    Taken aback by the audacity of the perpetrators -

Don't Say I Never Told You
    Congress Warned Of Stuxnet Variants -

The Next Security Scandal
    An Attack on High Frequency Trading Systems -

Anatomy of an Inventive DR Plan
    The A Team -

Who Else Wants to Understand?
    The 3 Types of Cloud Computing -

DHS warns utilities at risk from insider threats
    terrorists could be targeting major facilities -

Pentagon Strategy Prepares For War In Cyberspace
    A cyberattack on the U.S. could prompt a military response -

U.S. House Committee
    Questions Ability to Secure Wall Street Data -

Pentagon Discloses Massive Data Theft
    Lays Out New Security Strategy -

Report, US Hosting Providers
    Infested with Malware, Botnets -

Washington Post Hacked
    1.27M IDs and E-mail Addresses Stolen -

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Breach
     Loses Information of 34,000 -

Citigroup Computer Breach
    Hackers access Customer Data, Company Confirms -

Amazon’s Trouble Raises Cloud Computing Doubts
     a wake-up call for cloud computing -

I've Been Hacked! Now What?
    How to Turn Your Zombie PC Back to Normal -
Epsilon Data Breach Expands
    Capital One, Disney and others hit -
Sites hit in massive web attack
    Hundreds of thousands of websites compromised -
HIPAA Bares its Teeth
    $4.3m Fine for Privacy Violation -
Cyberweapon could cause Internet doomsday
    What will it take? -
Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online
    it could lead to something bad, soon -
New Hacking Tools Pose bigger Threats to WI-FI Users
    Web site Administrators scrmblimg -
Malicious Spam Jumps to 3 Billion Messages Per Day
    upwards of 90 % of all email messages-
McAfee: China leads world in hacked computers
    US the most vulnerable to cyberattack-
Critical Infrastructure Twice as Likely
    to be targeted by Cybercriminals-

Cyber attacks against Australia 'will continue'
    Australian government websites blocked- BBC.News

U.S. at Risk of Crippling Cyber Attack
    The Changing Threat - ODNI Assessment

Google Attack Was Tip of the Iceberg
    networks had been thoroughly compromised -

One in Every 150 Legitimate Sites Infected by Malware
    reached unprecedented levels in 2009 -

If Your Password is 123456, Just Make it HackMe
    like leaving a key under the doormat -

5 easy ways to speed up your computer
    boost your desktop or notebook PC's speed and performance - HP

Taking Data Protection to the Edge - Iron Mountain
    Protection Must Cover Today's Mobile, Extended Enterprises

20 Questions to Ask Your Supplier About Voice Over IP
    Before You Buy

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